Social Media Management

Social media manager using a laptop & mobile

Social media management & training for the disability sector

As a social media marketing expert, I provide advice and support for small businesses within the disability.

Social media is a fast paced tool which, when used correctly, can be really effective at getting your business in front of your ideal customer.  But in the ever changing landscape of social media it can be difficult to know exactly how to do that and even harder to keep up with constant changes.  I work with businesses in the disability sector to help them grow their brand and build an engaged community using social media.

Years of creating engaging social media content & exceptional training with Facebook & Digital Mums means I am an expert on what works for each different platform.  I can help you ensure your platforms are optimised for success, create a strategy to reach the right people, in the right ways for all your channels and offer training so you are able to build your brand on social media.

I really enjoy working with businesses in a management capacity.  By leaving the day to day running of your social media to an expert, you can concentrate on your core business and use your expertise in other areas.

Leave your social media management to an specialist with personal experience within the disability sector.

As a parent of a disabled child I have personal experience and understanding of the disability sector, including navigating acceptable language in terms of marketing within this sector.  I know where to find engaging content that will position you as a useful source of interesting and reliable information.  And most importantly, I have a vested interest in this sector as it benefits me as a parent!

The purple pound is worth £249billion so it stands to reason that you want to make sure your products and services are being seen by the customers who hold the purple purse strings.

If you would like to discover how I can help you to grow your brand on social media please get in touch to arrange a confidential chat.