Children’s Waterproof Wheelchair Poncho (Review)

Children’s Waterproof Wheelchair Poncho (Review)

As you know, I am currently working as brand ambassador for Willow Bug Ltd, a lovely small business which makes adapted clothing for children who use wheelchairs.  They are such nice people and they have a lovely range of products ranging from mittens and neckerchiefs, to ponchos and anoraks.  You can read my previous post about them here.

They recently sent William one of their new camouflage waterproof ponchos so I thought it would be nice to write a quick review for anyone who might be considering buying one.  Although this poncho was gifted to us, the following opinions are completely honest.

William is a full time wheelchair user so when we are caught in the rain it’s difficult to keep him, and his chair dry.  Raincoats are all well and good but they don’t cover his legs so his trousers and chair end up getting soaked.  We had a rain cover which came free with his very first wheelchair but it is pretty hideous and makes him look like he’s wearing a blue misshaped condom.  Not exactly child friendly!

William wearing a blue rain cover which looks like a condom!

The wheelchair poncho from Willow Bug is easy to put on as it simply goes over his head with no annoying poppers or zips to contend with.  It covers right down to his feet and has a ‘cape’ which I was able to cover his headrest and the back of his wheelchair with.  The hood is elasticated and fitted really well, with no gaps for rain to sneak down onto his chest.

William doesn’t lean forwards voluntarily but it was easy to slide the back of the poncho behind him and as it is shorter at the back there is no bulky material making him uncomfortable.

As the material is thin, it is ideal for popping on over a coat or jacket and it folds up to store in a small (matching) carry bag.

William wearing a camouflage water proof poncho from willow bug ltd

William can’t use his arms to propel his wheelchair, but if he could then this poncho is ideal as the arms are free to self-propel or control a joy stick.

William has the camouflage print poncho, but this is available in other colours and prints suitable for both girls and boys.  You can read more about this poncho, and see the different colour options on the Willow Bug website.

You might also like the Willow Bug fleece poncho which works in a similar way but it’s fleece material makes it ideal to use as a dressing gown or to take the chill off on a cold day.  William got one for Christmas and it is great!

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As I mentioned earlier, this is a sponsored post but the opinions are all my own, genuine thoughts.


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