Our Stay At Sheraton Heathrow

Our Stay At Sheraton Heathrow

If you are regular readers you will know that we like to travel! And this year we went back to Florida (Naples to be precise).

We had an early flight from Heathrow so it made sense for us to stay close to the airport the night before and this year we were lucky enough to be offered a stay at the Sheraton Heathrow. This blog is all about our stay and whilst we didn’t pay for our accommodation, my views are all totally honest.

Let me start by saying that William is 9, so we were looking at accessibility for a child in a wheelchair and therefore some of the information may not be correct for an adult wheelchair user.

From the minute we arrived we were treated like royalty, staff assisted with our bags and we were shown to our rooms where they had kindly laid out comics and chocolates for William along with some of the coolest balloons I’ve ever seen.  He was so excited and mesmerized by the balloons and it was so lovely of them to do that for him.

We had 2 adjoining rooms for our stay. A large double and an accessible double, with a door between the two so it felt more like a suite.  This not only gave us lots of space but also allowed us to be able to put William to bed while we sat up and watched TV for a while, usually we’d have to go to bed at the same time so as not to wake him up.

We don’t travel light but even with 5 suitcases, 4 hand luggage bags, a car seat and a wheelchair there was still plenty of space to move around, even without the additional room, although maneuvering the wheelchair might have been tight if we’d had all the baggage in the one room.

Because we had 2 rooms, we also had 2 types of bathroom. A standard and very luxurious shower room in one bedroom and an accessible bathroom in the other.

The accessible bathroom had a roll in shower with a shower seat inside. There was an emergency cord in the bathroom as well as one by the bed in the bedroom.

There was no hoist, and we hadn’t expected one, but the addition of a ceiling track hoist would, of course, make the room more accessible for other visitors so it would be great if the hotel did consider adding one in the future.

William loved his balloons!

In the evening we went to the restaurant for dinner but we struggled slightly to get there. The restaurant is up a few steps and there was a chair lift to assist those who need it but there was no obvious route for a wheelchair user. A quick stop at reception soon solved the problem and we were shown the route to the restaurant via an outside ramp through the car rental office. It was doable and enabled us to get to the restaurant but I do wonder why such a lovely hotel hasn’t put in a wheelchair lift or an internal ramp so that people don’t have to go outside? I’d imagine on a rainy day that would put people off from visiting the restaurant.

We had a delicious meal, steak for me and pork belly for Kev but there was also a lovely all you can eat buffet which was very tempting. We had brought William’s dinner with us but the restaurant did offer to purée him something which was excellent as we don’t often find somewhere willing to do that for him.

After dinner we settled down in our room, William fell asleep on the comfy pillows as soon as he got in bed! And despite the early start we all had a great night and thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

If you are flying from Heathrow and looking for a nice hotel I would definitely recommend the Sheraton for their clean, spacious rooms and very friendly and helpful staff.

You can find out more about the Sheraton Heathrow hotel here


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