6 Christmas Gifts With A Sensory Theme

6 Christmas Gifts With A Sensory Theme

Sensory toys almost always come with a huge price tag simply because they are designed for disabled children, so I thought I’d share 6 things I’ve seen recently which weren’t designed specifically for that market.  And therefore, have a pretty reasonable price tag.

All items can be found on Amazon but are also available in other retail outlets.  I like Amazon as it means I can shop from my sofa and they will deliver the next day!

Dream Tents 

These attach to a single bed and come in several different designs.  Amazon have the options of space adventure, dinosaur island or fantasy forest but there may be other designs available elsewhere.

I like the idea of these and William loves a sensory tent so I’m sure I will be ordering Santa will be making one of these for him.   We had a small sensory tent which we got a few years ago from a sensory specialist, it was plain white and cost us almost £70!  So this is a real bargain at only £9.99



These have been on TV quite a bit recently and would be ideal for children with disabilities or special needs.  They are a wearable band which can be worn on your wrist or ankle and activate sounds by movement. You link them via Bluetooth to your tablet or phone and there are 400 sounds to choose from! I can imagine the fun William would have with one of these on his ankles when he starts kicking his legs!

Amazon Alexa or similar devices

Not suitable for William as he cannot speak but if you have a verbal child, this is an ideal gift.  You don’t need any motor skills to ask Alexa to play your favourite music, tell you a joke or answer a question your Mum won’t tell you the answer to!  You can link this device to various other gadgets too so you could hook it up to the bedside light so your child can turn their own lights off at bedtime.

amazon alexa for disabled children

DIY Sensory bag

It’s so easy to make your own sensory bag with lots of cheap but fun sensory items in it.  And FAR cheaper than buying a pre-packed one.  My top picks would be a whoopee cushion, space blanket, spiky massage ball or tumble dryer ball, bubbles, brightly coloured juggling scarves and of course some raw pasta!

Sensory ideas for disabled children

Sensory lighting

Of course you can splash out on some really expensive sensory lighting but William got given one of these fibre optic lights for Christmas last year and he loves it.  We all know how tactile these are but they also let off a lovely low glow light which I use as a nightlight when William first goes to bed.  They’re battery powered so no expensive electric bills and cost less than £10!

Sensory light for disabled children. Sensory fibre optic light cheap.

Hungry Dog Piggy Bank

This is one of the best things we ever got for William.  He isn’t able to put the money in the box on his own but with a bit of help he can hold a coin and drop it into the bowl when told.  He finds it hilarious that the dog eats the money!  And the best thing is that because the box is easy to open you don’t have to give up all your money for hours of fun, just reuse the same coins!


Hopefully these will give you some ideas for Christmas gifts this year but if you have seen anything else which has a reasonable price tag and might be suitable for a disabled child, please let me know in the comments as we are always looking for ideas!  It’s Williams birthday in February so whatever he doesn’t get for Christmas will be added to his birthday list!

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