Flip Out Chichester Launches Dedicated Disability Sessions

Flip Out Chichester Launches Dedicated Disability Sessions

A few months ago I wrote a blog about my meeting with Flip Out, the trampoline park in Chichester, West Sussex.  At the time they were planning to become a bit more accessible for children and young people with disabilities and special needs and I was really impressed by their enthusiasm and drive.

Since that meeting they have put some big changes in place and I am pleased to say that it is looking like Flip Out might be fast becoming one of the most ‘special needs friendly’ venues in the south!

They have now launched regular SEND sessions so that children & young people can come and use the centre.  At these sessions, they will be closed to the general public to allow customers with special educational needs and/or disabilities to access the whole arena.

Flip Out have invested in a portable hoist to assist with accessing the trampolines (own sling required) and their staff have all had hoist training so they can assist you if needed.  This is fantastic news for parents like me as we will no longer need to break out backs to get our kids onto the trampoline! 

At present, unfortunately they do not have changing facilities for disabled children or adults unless they are able to use a baby change unit. But, this is something they are in the process of changing which is fantastic news and in the meantime, a member of staff will do their best to find a suitable space for changing should you require it.

They are so committed to becoming the best venue for children with special needs and disabilities that they now offer Rebound Therapy and have 8 fully trained therapists available. 

SEND Session with music

4-6pm Every Wednesday
Suitable for all ages.
Lights will be dimmed and there will be some music on in the background but not too loud. 

SEND quiet sessions

9-10am Every Friday – Age 5 & under only
10-11am Every Friday – all ages
5-7pm Every Sunday – all ages

During these sessions both lighting and music will be turned down to create a nice environment.

During all of their specialist sessions, staff will be available to help to make the session more suitable for your children, whether that be by adjusting music volume, or providing assistance.

Sessions can be booked over the phone or in person and a discounted rate of £5.50 will be available to anyone with special educational needs or a disability. Carers can assist for free and siblings are welcome but would need to pay full price to jump (varies depending on session time).  Rebound therapy can be booked at times suitable to you.

Find out about @FlipOutChi's new specialist sessions for children with special needs.

I am so impressed with their desire to be inclusive and their commitment to making it happen, I hope other branches will follow their lead and help make Flip Out accessible in other areas of the country.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this so as always, please do leave a comment below.


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