Not Just A Mum

Not Just A Mum

Day 9 of the special needs 30 day challenge today and the theme is "not just a Mum."

I am sure everyone is expecting this to be one of those "I'm not just a Mum, I'm a Physio, OT, SALT, Nurse, Doctor" type posts but for me that's just all part of being a Mum and is pretty normal to me.  I don't have any other children so I have no idea what it's like to be a Mum without all those elements!

No matter what kind of mum you are, it is easy for people to only think of you as 'mum' and forget you were a person before you had a child or that you are more than just a mum.  It's pretty normal for me to only be referred to as 'mum' or 'William's mum' by most of the people involved in our lives and so this is quite a nice chance to be me and share who I am without my mum hat on!

So this is me.. and my life outside of my role as SuperMum to William!


I am Laura, I eat too much chocolate, drink too much diet coke and am addicted to Starbucks green tea lemonade – if they sold it in cans it would replace my diet coke habit in a flash.

I love to watch reality TV (yes I am addicted to Love Island and want to slap Olivia round the face with a wet fish) and sing at the top of my voice to cheesy pop in my kitchen!  I go to far too many concerts, last year alone I saw Adele, Justin Timberlake, Walking on Cars (3 times), James Bay and did two days at V Festival!

I have zero fashion sense, have no clue how to do my make-up and I wash my hair EVERY DAY!  I have lumpy feet, hate shoes and haven't had a manicure in about 6 years.

I run my own business teaching cake decorating from home, my cake school is called Enchanted Cupcakes, and since I started teaching in 2012 I have met and taught some amazing and lovely people, many of whom also have children with special needs or other disabilities.  As much as I love to teach and eat cake, I no longer make cakes to order as I find it too stressful and time consuming with everything else I have going on!

I did make a wedding cake for one of my BFF's (Zoe) last year though which was the most stressful cake I have ever attempted, not least because I had to transport it from Worthing to Bath (which involved one emergency stop on the hard shoulder when the peony on the bottom fell off!)

Last year, I set up an online store with Zoe where we sell tops with slogans on to raise money for the amazing charity that supports our kids.  We donate 100% of the profit from our products to Chailey Heritage Foundation and we've had a few celebrities wearing them recently – you may even see them on a daytime TV show soon (can't tell you more about that just yet though!)

The store is called The DRM Project, go check it out, if you ask us nicely we will give you a code to get 10% off!

When William is at school, and I'm done with the (boring) housework,  I spend most of my day on the computer either selling my classes, writing blog posts, campaigning for change for my amazing son and other disabled people or doing far too much stalking on Facebook.  My husband thinks I sit on my arse watching Jeremy Kyle all day but that couldn't be further from the truth!  He also thinks I am always on the computer… he's right about that!

So you can see, I am not just a Mum I am also a teacher, blogger, business woman, fundraiser and campaigner!

What about you?  What makes you more than just a mum?  Leave me a comment and introduce yourself!


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