Nine Essential Items You Need When Visiting Walt Disney World With A Child With Complex Needs

Nine Essential Items You Need When Visiting Walt Disney World With A Child With Complex Needs

If you are considering taking the trip of a lifetime to Walt Disney World then you might find my blog series useful.  Click here to read the first instalment and keep an eye on my Facebook page for updates coming soon.

These are my top 9 essential items you need to take with you when visiting Walt Disney World, or Florida in general.  Many of the links below are affiliate links, which won’t affect your purchase at all buy may give me a small commission if you purchase something by clicking on the link.


1.  Thermos flask

We prepare all Williams pureed meals in the morning, pop them in a thermos and they stay hot (or cold) all day.  Ideal for days out both at home and abroad!

2. Sunscreen

We always use Bananaboat SPF 100 kids spray and William has NEVER been sunburnt.  This brand has had a bad reputation on social media but I honestly couldn’t recommend it highly enough.  I’ve not seen the SPF 100 available to buy in UK so we always stock up at Walmart when we get here!

3.  Bundlebean Buggy Organiser

These are amazing, they work on all wheelchairs as the strap is velcro. You can fit 2 large cold drinks inside, ideal for your Starbucks, and there is a secret pocket for your valuables & Disney tickets.  We’ve used various buggy organisers over the years but these ones from Bundlebean really are the best.  They come in various designs.

4.  Mosquito bands

Mosquitos are everywhere in Florida as there is so much water and you will be very lucky not to be bitten, especially if you are out after dark.  Bands and repellant sprays will help keep them at bay though.

5.  Willow Bug Poncho

Chances are you will get caught in at least one down pour during your trip.  Luckily, the rain in Florida doesn’t tend to last long, although it can be very heavy when it comes.  Ponchos are available in the park but they are PRICEY!  So take your own from home to save on £££!  We love the Willow Bug ponchos as they are made for wheelchair users and come in lots of funky patterns for kids.

6. Fan

A clip on fan is ideal for a wheelchair user and there are many different types available.  If you forget to take one with you we did see these for sale at Disney but they were REALLY pricey and we haven’t found any in other stores here so far.  This really is something you’d be better off buying in the UK.

7. Teaspoons

If your child is used to eating from a small spoon then take some with you because for some very strange reason, teaspoons are not a thing in America!  Maybe because they don’t drink much tea?  We always take loads of tea spoons with us (cheap ones from Tesco) incase we lose them, which we inevitably do when they take the plates away with the spoon and deny all knowledge of its existence!

8.  Bite and sting relief

Trust me,  you will need this!  This one, from Boots, is my saviour and it is the only one that works for me, I’ve used almost a whole tube this month!

9. Cooling towel

Cooling towels are amazing.  Pop it under the cold tap, drench it and then wring it out so its practically dry and it will stay cool for hours.  We wrap one around Williams neck, or lay it across his forehead to keep him cool on those really hot days.

What other essentials do you suggest?  Pop them in a comment to help other readers.


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