Mirror Chime About Special Needs Toy

Mirror Chime About Special Needs Toy

The theme of today’s 30 day challenge is “my child’s favourite toy” which is a bit of a difficult one to write when your child doesn’t really play with toys!

William’s disability means he needs a lot of help to play. He doesn’t have the motor skills to play independently with many toys and usually “play” means having an adult help him do it.  Special needs toys are expensive and it can be a difficult to justify spending a lot of money on a toy your child might not even like.

Luckily for us, when William was younger he went to a lovely nursery and had a fantastic portage worker.  William was able to try out a lot of different toys and found one toy he loved so it was easy to make the decision to buy it for him.

William has loved to play with his mirror chime toy from a very young age when he tried, and succeeded, in bashing the mirrors and making the bells chime.

He manages it best when he is laying on his side on the floor and not fighting gravity.  He’s had hours of fun playing with this, bashing it with his hands or kicking it with his feet.  He used to find the bells hilarious, but now I think he just likes the fact he can make it move without having an adult to help him.

These photos were taken years ago when William was still at nursery.  Doesn’t he look cute!

This particular mirror chime toy is specifically made for the special needs market. Which inevitably means it comes with an inflated price tag.  It seems such a false economy to price something so high and limit the number of customers you can sell to but it is something we have become accustomed to over the years.

Regardless of how expensive this was, it was worth every penny to give William something he can use and enjoy playing with.  I’ve lost track of the number of toys we’ve been given over the years which he never played with and we ended up taking to the charity shop.

And although we spent £70 on this, we don’t buy very much for William throughout the rest of the year.  He is content with this so a that initial investment has worked out to less than £2 a week if I split it across the whole year and I’m sure most families spend way more than that on entertaining their kids each week!

This weekend William had lots of fun in the garden bashing the bells and laughing his head off.


You can buy these toys from various special needs suppliers and it is available on Amazon (today’s price is only £62.95 including postage – bargain!)

What are your children’s favourite toys?  I’d love to know, maybe William might find them fun too.

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