Meal Kits Have Changed My Life (Not Exaggerating!)

Meal Kits Have Changed My Life (Not Exaggerating!)

I’m pretty sure you have heard of meal kits already but have you ever considered how life changing they could be for your family.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, meal kit companies like HelloFresh or Gousto send you recipes and all the ingredients to make your meals, in a box right to your door.  Everything is measured out for you so you just chuck it all together following the recipe card and voilà, you have yourself a delicious, healthy, home-cooked meal.

I am not even exaggerating when I say they have changed our lives!

I can cook, I’m pretty good at it, but I don’t enjoy it at all.  I hate shopping and, like most people, I have several ‘go to’ recipes which I rotate throughout the week so initially I didn’t really see why I would need a service like this.

But a Mum friend of mine gave me a voucher for a free box and I quickly realised that a food box isn’t only for lazy or the privileged families, it is actually for anyone who likes food but hates shopping and needs inspiration to mix up their weekly menu.

Of course, families like ours have additional reasons that these meal kits are invaluable and this is why I can’t see me cancelling my subscription any time soon.

ONE: Food shopping is really awkward with a disabled child.  The trolleys don’t fit all children’s wheelchairs (they don’t fit ours) so if I’m are shopping with William, I can often only manage a basket of shopping at a time as it is IMPOSSIBLE to push a wheelchair and a trolley!  (and of course there is the ever present issue of no changing places toilets in supermarkets!)  Plus I hate shopping!

TWO: It’s dinner time, you’re just preparing a delicious meal when you realise you are missing one vital ingredient.  Nipping to the shop is no longer a ‘thing’ when you have a kid in a wheelchair, so instead you order a take-away (adding to the weekly food budget) or resort to eggs on toast for tea…. or is that just me?

THREE: Having a disabled child means I want convenience, I don’t want to spend hours cooking.  Meal kits are so quick and easy, most meals take less than 30 mins to prepare and cook.  I tend to prep all the ingredients while William is at school so I can cook them quickly at dinner time so that we can stick to his routines and I can have a meal at a decent time.

FOUR: I no longer have to add what we are having for dinner to the long list of things I have to think about every day.

I actually wonder if the person who thought up these boxes was thinking of families like mine when they came up with the idea!

Hello Fresh recipe cards.  Save time and stress when you have a disabled child!

I’ve tried out several food boxes now but Hello Fresh is a clear favourite.  Their portion sizes are really good and their recipes are delicious, tonight we have got coq au vin style pie, something I would NEVER think to cook.

Gousto comes in a close second mainly because their portion sizes are smaller and my husband did moan about that.  But their range of recipes is far bigger.

Cost wise these vary but you’re looking at approx £4 per person per meal and you probably can make these meals cheaper if you choose to but I have found that we have saved quite a lot of money with these boxes. I’m no longer constantly going to the supermarket for one ingredient and spending £20 on things I hadn’t planned to buy.  We have hardly any take-aways now so that has saved us a fortune and regardless of the cost, it has saved me so much time and you can’t put a price on that!

This blog is NOT in collaboration with any food box company but as a subscriber myself I have some discount codes to share with you if you fancy trying them yourself.

Hello Fresh – save £20 on your first box by clicking here

Gousto – get 50% off your first two boxes by clicking here

Both of these companies offer the ability to cancel at any time or simply skip a week if you are away or don’t like the menu that week.

**Using the links above will save you money and will also mean a credit is applied to my account so win win**


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