The Best Sensory Light On The Market!

The Best Sensory Light On The Market!

Gifts for disabled children are always difficult, that’s why I wrote so many blogs and gift guides in 2017!  But one thing you can never go wrong with is sensory lights, and if you get a good one it’ll last for years to come!

William got one of these Laser Star Projectors for Christmas about 7 years and it was the best gift we ever got him.  Even after all this time, he still loves it and I don’t blame him!

This projector creates a beautiful green glow of thousands of stars and will illuminate even the largest room with stunning stars and cloud formations.

The stars are mesmerising, they dance about slowly on the ceiling providing a calming environment which helps William slowly nod off to sleep.  It is almost hypnotising watching them move around and you can choose to have the green stars on their own, slowly moving across the ceiling, or add the blue space cloud to create a different atmosphere in the room.

The blue space cloud is adjustable so you can alter it’s brightness and create a different effect on the wall each time.

The adjustable light means it is ideal for bedtime as it lights up the room just enough to be able to see around and provide some comforting light for nervous children, but not enough to keep them awake too long.

It is also really quiet, unlike a lot of other sensory lights on the market, something else which was a big selling point for me.

The projector has been designed so that you can tilt it to project on ceilings or walls, we have ours on a chest of drawers pointed towards the ceiling above William’s bed, but they are wall mountable too.

Unfortunately, after William having his on for several hours every evening for 7 years, ours finally gave up this month so we had been looking for a replacement for his Christmas present.

We thought about trying something else and I took to my Facebook page to ask opinions about other lights.  Unsurprisingly, everyone who commented recommended we get one of these (they hadn’t known we’d already had one)  and all agreed there really is nothing as good as this on the market.

So that’s what we’ve done, we’ve stuck with what we know is the best sensory light on the market!  Santa is bringing William a brand new Laser Star Projector from Find Me A Gift, which apparently even has branches in the North Pole and employs elves as part of its diversity programme!

There is currently a special offer running on the Find Me A Gift website so if you’ve already posted the letter to Santa and worry that delivery from the North Pole may be risky then check their website out as you can currently save £79!

This article is in collaboration with Find Me A Gift who kindly gifted us a new laser star projector but all views are entirely my own, we really do love this projector so much and we would have purchased another one had we not been gifted it.
The best sensory light on the market, ideal for children with special needs!

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