(But you can call me Laura)

To quickly sum me up, I am a Mum of one, Starbucks addict, Justin Timberlake superfan and I’m not afraid to admit I live on a diet which is approx 75% chocolate!  I love to write and am addicted to social media.

If you’ve come across my blog it’s likely that my son William has brought you here as he is the reason this blog exists and the reason I write from the heart about issues that affect us as a family.

I have been known to rant a little (a lot) but I hope you will enjoy my ramblings and find my posts useful, especially if you also have a child with a disability or other special needs.

When William was born, my world changed forever, as it would do when your first baby arrives.  But for me, it was a change full of more ups and downs than the average new Mum. Because at 4 days old William was diagnosed with brain damage, a diagnosis that changed everything.

I forget how many times professionals told us about all the things he would never be able to do, and how every time I heard it another little part of my heart would break.  But those ‘professionals’ have been proved wrong far more times than they’ve been right, and that’s because of Williams strength and determination!

William is the funniest, happiest little boy you will ever meet and, while he cannot do some of the things other little boys do, we do our best to make sure he lives a full life and is included in the world just like other children are.

Our life didn’t turn out the way we were expecting it to, we are proof that things don’t always go to the plan regardless of how hard you try.  But regardless of Williams difficulties and our daily battles, we really are pretty happy!

William and I have been lucky enough to meet some pretty high profile people over the years, including Simon Cowell and Samantha Cameron!