5 Ways To Be More Organised

5 Ways To Be More Organised

I don’t know about you but one of the trickiest things I find to manage, as a parent of a disabled child, is the endless paperwork.  The endless letters, reports and forms piling up on the kitchen worktop and the continuous flow of emails I need to read, and maybe even respond to, is enough to make my brain go into meltdown mode.

I’m forever losing important letters and I’m so useless I’ve even turned up to an appointment a week early!

So I asked some other Mums for their top tips to keep organised!

Take photos of everything so that if you misplace a letter you’ve got it digitally.

This is so simple and obvious I am ashamed I didn’t think of it myself!  Thanks to Christy Bruckner I now have a folder in my photo albums just for letters so now I can quickly take a photo of them and add them to that album.

Use an organiser app

Emma Maslin recommends the Cozi family organizer app. It sends a daily email to help you remember where everyone is and what they need! 

Sarah Anguish recommends the wunderlist app to track appointments, shopping lists, to-do lists etc.  She can even share the list with others.  She shares the groceries list with her husband so he can collect it on the way home!  Genius!

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Write it all down

If you work better with paper than with technology, Carolin Mader recommends using the Erin Condren Life Planner   She decorates hers with stickers and washi tape to help keep her interested in it and be organised.  If it’s not written down, it’s not happening!

Use a wipe-clean board for reminders

Beyond The Fridge recently sent me this beautiful board so I can keep myself organised.  It is wipe-clean and magnetic so I can make notes and stick important letters onto it with a magnet!  (Just make sure you don’t use a sharpie with it!)

Ours isn’t hung yet and I may have to nag Kev for a few weeks before it is but it is so lovely I cannot wait for it to be on the wall! 

Use an old fashioned wall calendar

Sarah says she has tried and failed with apps and diaries as it’s so easy to forget to look at them.  She recommends using a wall hung calendar as it is far more difficult to ignore something on the wall!

What do you do to keep organised?  Hit me with your suggestions, I need all the help I can get!

This is in collaboration with Beyond The Fridge who kindly gifted me the magnetic weekly planner.  There are also affiliate links included in this post which will not affect your purchases but might earn me a small referral fee.

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