5 Reasons You Need To Join The Firefly Community

5 Reasons You Need To Join The Firefly Community

Next week I’ll be attending Brit Mums Live 17, a conference for bloggers held in London.  It’s the first time I have attended such an event and I am both excited and nervous.  I am attended this for several reasons but mainly to learn how I can share even more valuable information with all you lovely folk.

I am grateful to be sponsored by Firefly Community and thought I would take some time to introduce them as they are a wonderful support community.

If you haven’t heard of the Firefly Community then where have you been? This online community, set up by special needs equipment manufacturers Firefly by Leckey, is place where mums, dads , brothers, sisters, grandparents, and experts help with the daily problems faced when parenting a disabled child.

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If you aren’t already part of this fantastic community here are 4 reasons you should be.

The blog

The Firefly Community blog is written by parents of children with disabilities and special needs from around the world.  Families share their real life experiences, advice and information and a whole host of other things. Some of the best bloggers in the special needs community also write for Firefly so you may well have come across some of their articles already.  If you love to write you may well be able to become a contributor for them too, so drop them a line if you have something you’d like to write about.

The Forum

The Firefly Community forum is an online place, away from social media, where you can ask questions and get advice from other families and professionals.  Although there are lots of special needs Facebook groups where you can ask questions, we forget that many people aren’t on Facebook or would prefer to ask their questions in a safe environment away from social media.  This is that place.  You need to register to ask questions or reply to others.

The Reviews

The tried and tested area of the Firefly community website is there to help you before you spend your money. The product reviews are from families who have used the products so you know they are authentic.  The products reviewed on there range from special needs equipment to mainstream off the shelf products.

Their Campaigns

Did you know the special needs trolleys that are available in a whole load of supermarkets these days are there because of Firefly?  Firefly do some incredible work to try and make the world a bit more accessible for families with disabled children.  They also pioneered the Space to Change campaign and are great supporters of the Changing Places campaign.  You can get involved in their campaigns in lots of simple ways, this article explains more.

Their products

The Firefly community is all about helping the families, but they do also look to us to help them occasionally.  You might see surveys pop up on their site from time to time asking for you to help them with the designs of their new products.  You’ll probably have seen how great their products already are but by working with families they can make sure they are meeting the needs of more of our children and making products we really want to buy and I think that is fantastic because I am sick of ugly special needs equipment!

So now you know why you should join the community you will probably want to know how!

Visit their website

Like them on Facebook

Follow them on Twitter

If you are interested in the Brit Mums Live event keep an eye on my insta-stories as I will be posting throughout the day on Saturday 30th September.

This post was not sponsored or commissioned by Firefly and these are all my own views, however Firefly have sponsored me to attend Brit Mums Live in September 2017

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