10 Things You Don’t Know About Changing Places Toilets

10 Things You Don’t Know About Changing Places Toilets

Today is day 2 of my 30 Day challenge so here are 10 important things you probably didn’t know about Changing Places toilets.  But if you are new to my blog and don’t know what changing places toilets are you might find this post a useful place to start.

1. Changing Places toilets are the ONLY toilets that 1 in 260 people can use when they are away from home.  They aren’t a luxury, they are essential because those 250,000+ people cannot use a standard toilet, urinal or even a regular accessible / disabled toilet.

2. Disabled parents need changing places toilets too!  Imagine you are a wheelchair user out for the day with your baby or toddler and they need their nappy to be changed, could you reach a standard baby changing unit?  It’s more likely you would need a height adjustable changing bench to change them on.  Changing places toilets provide that, and the space you need for a wheelchair user to access the changing bench.

3.  You might not need a changing places toilet today, but that may change in the future.  The disabled population is the only minority group which grows without prejudice and which any of us could become part of at any time in our lives, without any choice.  I didn’t need one a few years ago, sadly now I do as my son is severely disabled.

4. A changing places toilet is only a tiny bit bigger than the smallest of parking spaces!  So really, space should never be an excuse!

5. Changing places toilets offer several features which other accessible toilets don’t, however users may not need every aspect they provide but without one feature they would be unable to use any other type of toilet when away from home.

6.  There are more than 4 times as many cinema screens in the UK than changing places toilets!  And only TWO cinemas in the UK have a changing places toilet!

7.  If everyone who needed a changing places toilet was in a queue for one at the same time, there would be more than 250 people in each queue! That’s a long wait!

8.  Despite the changing places campaign being more than 10 years old, there are still less than 1000 toilets in the UK and no changes have been made to the law to make their provision compulsory.

9. The Equality Act is probably the most useful piece of law regarding changing places toilets as, although they are not required under any current building legislation,  they would be considered a reasonable adjustment in some circumstances.

10. So far, there have been no legal cases to challenge a business who has not provided a changing places toilet… but that looks set to change very soon!

I hope you have learnt something from this, if you are campaigning for changing places toilets in your area feel free to use any of these points in your campaigning!

Disclaimer: I can’t guarantee that Channing Tatum knows what a changing places toilet actually is!

P.S. what do you know about changing places that other people might not know? Tell me!


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