Looking For Wheelchair Friendly Clothing? I’ve Found It!

Looking For Wheelchair Friendly Clothing? I’ve Found It!

Do you ever come across a business and just fall in love with their brand story?  That’s what happened when I came across Willow Bug last year.

We all know how difficult it can be to get our disabled children dressed, and let’s not even put ourselves through the torture of thinking about putting a coat on when they are already sitting in their wheelchair!

Jess and Dom, are a sister and brother team who are on a mission to provide stylish and practical adaptive clothing for children with special needs.

Jess’s daughter, Willow, is a wheelchair user and she having these same daily challenges with dressing her.  She was finding it difficult to buy clothing that could accommodate Willow’s disability and her wheelchair and knew that there were other families out there experiencing the same issues.

So Willow Bug was born to take the drama out of dressing!  Genius!  They now sell clothing which fits easily over heads, legs, arms and wheelchairs!

There are so few businesses within the special needs or disability sector which take style into account as well as practicability so it is always a breath of fresh air to come across a business that has considered both.

willow bug hooded fleece poncho

Willow modelling a super soft, fleece poncho with hood.

Willow Bug’s fleece poncho’s look so lovely, really cuddly and warm, I’d love to wrap myself up in one of those!  And they come in such cute prints it’d be hard for any child not to love them, the cowboy one reminds me of a Cath Kidston print!

I also love the design of this wheelchair friendly jacket because it opens up fully at the front and back.  This will make life so much easier with William as even the thought of putting on his coat & the fight I’ll have with his dystonia makes me sweat!  This jacket was actually been designed to be worn sitting so unlike a ‘normal’ coat, there isn’t a bulky back I’d have to try and tuck under his bum!  William’s jacket has just arrived so watch this space for a review!

wheelchair jacket

This waterproof jacket opens up fully at the back allowing the wearer to be dressed from the front.

Willow Bug’s range also includes wheelchair capes and ponchos, coveralls  which fit manual and powered wheelchairs and special needs buggies.   They also have wheelchair trousers, snugs which can be used in wheelchairs and special needs buggies and accessories such as neckerchiefs and mittens.

I love the idea that a family who face similar challenges to us have turned it into a positive by creating a fantastic business which not only supports their family, but helps to make the lives of other families much easier.  There can’t be any better reason to love a business can there?

Find out more about Willow Bug on their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter and say Hi on Instagram.

Have you tried any of Willow Bug’s products?  I’d love to hear your feedback on them so do leave me a comment or share a photo.

I am proud to be Willow Bugs brand ambassador and although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.
Looking for wheelchair friendly kids clothes? I've found them! Check out @willowbugltd


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