William’s Favourite Book

William’s Favourite Book

Day 3 of the special needs 30 day challenge today and the theme is ‘child’s favourite book’!

William LOVES books.  There’s not many activities he can easily participate in but sitting on the sofa with us reading him a good book is easy!

He loves big, bright pictures and books with funny words or sounds.

Several years ago when William was at nursery (he went to an amazing mainstream nursery) he discovered the Aliens Love Underpants series and since then we’ve all been hooked!

I made him an aliens love underpants themed birthday cake for his 5th birthday

I’m not going to lie, I did have a major fan girl moment when the cake got a re-tweet from the official aliens love underpants twitter account!!

I don’t know what it is about this series but William finds them hilarious. He must have heard the stories hundreds of times now and even all these years later, he still loves them!

So much so he went to world book day as an Alien who loves underpants last year!

Yes I did sew pants together and hang them on his wheelchair!! But he won first prize so it was worth the effort!!

If you’re looking for a really fun series of books for the kids, I cannot recommend these ones highly enough!

They’re pants-tastic!!

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