What’s In Your ‘Go Bag’?

What’s In Your ‘Go Bag’?

I’m a little behind on the 30 day challenge (which is highly unprofessional of me considering its my challenge!)  but today’s theme is “what’s in your go bag?”.

It might help to firstly explain what a go bag is for those uninitiated readers.  You know when you have a baby you have a baby bag with all the nappies, wipes milk etc?  Well when you’ve got a disabled child you never quite move on from that but it sounds a little odd to call it a baby bag, so I just refer to it as a ‘go bag’, because if we’ve got it we can go wherever it is we are planning to go!

Our go bag always has the staples in, nappies, wipes and nappy bags – although being 8, Williams nappies are gigantic and pretty much require a suitcase these days!  But we also have a few essentials that go everywhere with us and some other bits depending on the season.

Today’s ‘go bag’ contents…

 1) Syringe & extension set for water & medicines – William isn’t very good at drinking liquids so he has them via his button straight into his tummy.

2) Food – William might not be able to drink but boy can he eat!  He loves fish pie and this one from Little Dish is one of his favourites!  We do cook & puree these before we go out but a pot of puree would have looked a bit rubbish in a photo!  We also carry some of these pouches from Ella’s Kitchen because if William is struggling to eat these are thin enough to be put down his tube! We also carry bibs everywhere as he is such a messy eater!

3) Nappies – like I said, they are now huge so they take up most of the space in the bag and we are always struggling to find somewhere suitable to change them!

4) Nappy sacks – I do like these Tesco ones because they’re quite big and strong and I must admit I do also use this when I walk the dog!

5) Paracetamol – just in case!  We buy the cheapest one there is because it goes straight down his tube so he can’t taste it, this week it happens to be a Boots one.

6) Changing mat – home made with a shower curtain and a bit of old fabric!  This has hardly ever been used as I refuse to use it on a toilet floor so it is reserved for changing benches,  which there are very few of as you know! Although we have used it on the galley floor on a Virgin Atlantic flight somewhere between Heathrow & Miami!

7) Water bottle – William was given this water bottle for his birthday and we love it, the bottom screws off to be a little cup so he can have a few sips! 

8) Spoon – I always take a spoon with me, we never know where we might end up feeding him so best to be prepared!

9) Oral brush ups – these are pretty new to me but were suggested by another Mum and we think they are great!  William doesn’t have much tongue control so he can’t clean the food off his teeth like we would, these are brilliant for cleaning his teeth after he has eaten when we are out and about.

10)  Wipes – baby wipes are pretty much the answer to anything aren’t they.  I know they’re not entirely environmentally friendly but they are a lifesaver when I get fish pie sneezed all over my clean t shirt in the middle of a cafe!  We like Pampers sensitive wipes best as they are really gentle on Williams skin.

Depending on where we are going, how long we’ll be out and how William is, the contents do tend to change.  I asked some other special needs Mums what they carry in their go bag, here are their answers:

Karen carries cable ties with her for emergency wheelchair repairs, genius idea!!  

Sam takes a list of all medications with her just in case they end up in the hospital unexpectedly. She also carries Bio Ears ear plugs as her son isn’t great with lots of noise but can’t wear ear defenders!

Donna keeps a few of these brilliant ‘space invaders’ posters in her go bag so she can pop one on a car screen if they are parked in a disabled bay without a blue badge!

Catlin carries Sudocrem, tissues and plasters with her as well as hand sanitiser as she can’t always use a hand basin

Liz carries a kindle and a radar key and Paula even carries a Swiss army knife but for some reason it didn’t occur to me to ask why!  Denise takes a screwdriver and spare batteries with her for her son’s trains and Gemima always makes sure she has her proof of disability letter with her for carer concessions.

What’s in your ‘go bag’? Leave me a comment and let me know, especially if it’s something I need to be carrying with me!

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