What Is Normal Anyway?

What Is Normal Anyway?

This week there was a quote being shared around on Facebook which really made a huge impact on me. I can’t share the original quote as the lady who wrote it got very upset to find it had been posted across social media after she shared it what she thought was a closed Facebook group (to be clear, that is not where I saw it).

A few minutes before I saw the original quote, I had been having one of those moments, we all have them from time to time, I was feeling really negative and felt like perhaps I was the only one who felt that way.

The quote made me think because, if I’m honest, my life is my normal, despite William being severely disabled.  It may not be your normal, or anyone else’s normal but William is my only child so I don’t know any different and haven’t had the opportunity to experience everyone else’s normal!

That day I had been looking at photos of William and all I could see was his wheelchair, and how ugly it was.  That’s not my usual style, I am a very positive, glass half full kind of girl and very rarely see the negatives of Williams disability.  But that day I really was having one of those moments when I just wanted to take a ‘normal’ photo of my son, it stemmed from seeing so many lovely photos of my friends children on Instagram that day if I’m honest!

Reading the quote meant so much to me right there and then because it reminded me I wasn’t alone. Seeing that numerous other people had also shared it reminded me that there were other people who felt the same about their ‘normal’  It was for that reason, after the original post was deleted, I felt it important to share an altered version, my own take on it if you like to ensure people knew they weren’t alone in their feelings.

Sometimes people say “what is normal anyway?”

Well… Normal is being able to go to Halfords or Mothercare UK and buy a new car seat based on its colour rather than the support it provides and not having to pay £800+ for it.

Normal is picking up a second hand bike off Facebook for under £20 rather than having to get a specially made one that costs over £2k and is too big to fit in your car.

Normal is revamping your garden because you want some new plants and a nice lawn rather than so you can get your child’s wheelchair outside.

Normal is easily finding a local babysitter so you can go out for a night rather than having to find someone specially trained in hoisting and giving medication

Normal is taking photos of your child without the main focus of the photo being their ugly wheelchair.

Normal is all these things and more…

But that’s not my normal…  What is your normal?

I posted this on my Facebook page and although I knew people would find it related to them because I’d seen the reaction to the original quote, I was still somewhat astounded by the response, and by how many other people were feeling very similar that day.

Some of the comments made me cry, some made me laugh, but the main thing that they did was make me and everyone else, realise we weren’t alone in our feelings.  You can read the comments and join in the conversation below.


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