Pudsey Cupcake Tutorial – Children In Need 2017

Pudsey Cupcake Tutorial – Children In Need 2017

Are you doing a bake sale for Children In Need?  If you are you might find this simple Pudsey cupcake tutorial useful.

I created this a few years ago for my students (I teach cake decorating for a living) and it was really popular so I thought I’d share it with you as well. .

Pudsey children in need cupcakes tutorial.

The following instructions will give you a domed Pudsey cupcake topper – if you wish to make a simplified version you can simply make a flat face by drying your circle flat instead of on the green dome shown in the photos.

What you need:

Icing (also known as fondant or sugarpaste) – black, white & yellow.  Supermarket brands are fine.

Rolling pin – non stick would be best

Circle cutters – if you don’t have these you probably have something suitable in your kitchen, a small glass is great as a cutter!

Foam dome formers – if you want to make simple, flat Pudsey faces then skip these!

Edible glue (or cooled, boiled water)

Thin paint brush – NOT one you’ve already used for painting or make up though!!

Edible food colour pastes similar to these – DO NOT USE LIQUID FOOD COLOURS – read why here

Cupcakes & buttercream frosting in any flavour (bake these AFTER you make these decorations!)

How to make them:

– Roll out some yellow icing to the thickness of a £1 coin

– Cut out a circle a similar size to your cupcake wrapper.

– Cut out 2 smaller circles for the ears and put these to one side

– Place your larger circle over your dome former and smooth gently with your hands it to create a dome.

– Roll some black icing into a small ball to create one little eye ball and another larger one to form the nose.

– Using edible glue (or a little bit of water) stick those in place as shown (you can use the end of a paint brush to create small indents for these)

– Roll out some white icing as thin as you can without it tearing, cut another circle and then use a knife to cut out Pudsey’s bandage.

– Using the edible glue (or water) attach to the face as shown & then stick the ears into place on either side. If needs be you can prop them up with another foam dome as shown until the edible glue is dry.

– Use some edible food colouring to paint the coloured circles onto Pudsey’s bandage.

– Use a thin paintbrush and some black food colouring to paint on a smile (or use an edible pen)

– Leave to to air dry over night – don’t leave them anywhere humid like near the tumble dryer!

– One they are dry they should be firm and easy to remove from the dome former.  You can then attach to your cupcake with some buttercream frosting.

You can make these several weeks in advance and store them flat in a cardboard box until you are ready to use them.  Do not store in a fridge or in an airtight container as they will not dry properly.

I’d love to see a photo if you create these so please do post one on my Facebook page or leave one in a comment below!

If you need a fool proof recipe for buttercream frosting see below!


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