Products To Make Life Easier

Products To Make Life Easier

I’m always on the lookout for products that can make my life easier with William so this week I’m sharing my favourites with you, I also asked some friends for their suggestions and was so impressed by some of them I went straight online and ordered them myself!

Clicking on a photo will take you to product details if you wish to order them for yourself!

This is the first of what I hope will become a regular blog about every day products which can make life easier when you, or your loved one, has a disability.

Mummy Clips


These are a god send, we have 2 on Williams wheelchair to carry shopping bags etc and several in the car and round the house for other things!

They’re also really good when you go on holiday so we usually take a few with us!

Buggy Organiser

Obviously designed for a baby buggy these are amazing on the back of a wheelchair or wheelchair buggy too.  I have a similar one to this but having just seen this one I might actually order this one instead!

I love these because I am addicted to my phone! This means I can have it right there in front of me but don’t have to carry it!  But it’s also great for your car keys and whatever else you might need at hand without having to rummage through your handbag!

Portable Blenders

William can only eat pureed food so we always used to have to take something with us when we go out – until we discovered the joy that is a cordless blender!

Breville Cordless Hand Blender

This is the one I have and it has been fantastic for us.  It is very heavy to lug around though and isn’t that easy to clean.

That being said, it blends really well so when we are out and about we can just order off the menu for William and blend it at the table.

You might be able to get one of these direct from the manufacturer by calling 0800 525 089

They don’t seem to be available online anymore though which is why I’m providing an alternative option below!

ZesGood Rechargeable Juicer Cup Portable Juice Blender & Mixer

This looks great, I’ve not used it but I love the idea of it all being one unit so you can just close it up and wash it when you get home and being able to charge it in the car via  USB sounds great too!  It also looks much smaller and lighter than my one so easier to carry around with you (you could probably even hang it from a Mummy Clip!)

If anyone has used one of these please let me know as I would be really keen to buy this if it’s worth replacing my Breville!

** Edit – I have had feedback on this product and have been told it is only good for pureeing very soft foods**

Travel Airbed


This was suggested by another Mum who uses this a lot.  “It’s great because the raised sides mean he can’t roll out of bed – We take it anytime we are away from home and it’s great for when he stays at Grannies”

Must admit, this does look great!

Portable Play Tray

This particular one was suggested by another Mum who uses it on her Snappi wheelchair & at home on the P-Pod chair.   (photo from Amazon)

We have a Trabasack which we use at home but this one looks better as it has the raised sides (and is way cheaper!)

Both have a strap which goes round the back of the seat to stop it falling off.

Boon Grass Drying Rack


When I asked other Mums for ideas for this blog, this was the one thing I immediately went and ordered!

What a fab idea for drying syringes, bottles and other gastrostomy products!  Love it and can’t wait for it to arrive (yes I know I need to get out more!)

Starbucks reusable cups

These cups were suggested by Sarah from Hadleys Heroes who uses these cups as sippy cups for her son because he struggles with open cups.

I think this is a great idea as the top is easy to get on and off of these unlike normal kids sippy cups which let’s face it,even adults struggle with!

And they only cost a quid!!


You have to buy these in store, they don’t seem to be available on their website.



AcousticSheep SleepPhones 

These ‘sleepphones’ were suggested because they’re good for anyone who finds headphones awkward to wear because of their movements (I might try them for William, he always knocks his headphones off).

AcousticSheep told me that although they do not have childrens sizes specifically they recommend XS/S size in their Breeze material as it tends to be more snug than the fleece fabric.

It was also suggested by another Mum that these are a good way to add speakers to a headrest.  The mum who suggested this took them apart and put a speaker in each side of the headrest so her son now has his music wherever they go – and she doesn’t have to listen to it! What a fab idea!

Gro-Egg Room Thermometer​​


I got this when I was pregnant and have been using it ever since, it’s become something I rely on really because William can be a really hot boy which can lead him to have seizures.  He’s also a light sleeper so I am sometimes reluctant to touch him when he is asleep to test how warm he is – the Gro-Egg Room Thermometer has always helped me to monitor the temperature in his bedroom and cover/uncover him accordingly without risking waking him up.

We’ve used this for 7 years now so I’m hoping it keeps working for another 7 years!

Foil Emergency Blanket AKA Space Blankets

Ok these aren’t actually going to make your life easier unless you get stuck on a mountain in sub zero temperatures which I’d say is pretty unlikely with a disabled child but you never know!

However they are amazing as sensory toys and we love them in our house! We cut them into smaller pieces so William can hold them, make tents with them and lay him on them as he likes the sound they make!  But they can be pricey – £1 shops sell them or you can get them online in a pack of  5

I wanted to end this post by recommending the Quidco website because if you’re like me and prefer to shop online then you could make quite a bit of money from this. I use it for everything I order online and over the last 2 (ish) years I’ve had over £400 cash back!

There is an app you can use and if you use a laptop you can install reminder which will let you know whether the website you’re on offers cash back so you don’t miss out!  Trust me this is a must do!

If you’ve got any products (or websites) which make your life easier, I’d love to hear about them! Please post them in a comment below!

Please note that this post contains affiliate links which won’t affect your purchase but will provide me with a small commission should you choose to buy the item.


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