Useful Gift Ideas For Disabled Children

Useful Gift Ideas For Disabled Children

If you are someone who likes to buy practical and useful gifts then it can sometimes be difficult to find something that meets that criteria when looking for a gift for a disabled child.

I went to the families in my Facebook support group for suggestions to include in this article and they didn’t let me down! Hopefully these suggestions will give you some inspiration for special occasions in 2018.


1- Boden socks. 2 - wheelchair tray. 3 - electric toothbrush. 4- wireless headphones. 5- back fastening jacket. 6- giant foam dice. 7 - amazon echo dot. 8 - fleece wheelchair poncho. 9 - giant foot warming & massaging slipper

One – Long / knee high socks.

We all know socks are the most boring present but we still buy them don’t we!  Cute knee high socks are really useful for children who wear ankle orthotics (AFO’s) but can be hard to find in fun designs.  Boden do some colourful ones which would make a lovely gift.

Two – Wheelchair tray

Most children’s wheelchairs and indoor chairs will come with a tray but they can be cumbersome and awkward to take out and about with you.  These Trabasack trays are a fantastic solution as they combine a bag with a tray and can be used on any kind of chair, wheelchair, power chair, dining room chair!  They simply sit on the lap of the user and attach around them and the chair with a long strap to keep it in place.

We have the curve & we stick velcro to the base of toys and switches so they can easily be attached to the tray without being knocked off.  Trabasack have a discount code to save 10% until January 5th, just use code MUMOAM at the check out.

Three – Electric ToothBrush

Might sound a strange gift but the sensory feedback from an electric toothbrush compared to a normal one might be the thing that makes a disabled child tolerate having their teeth brushed.  That was the case with William, but for him it also gave him oral stimulation to help him to be able to eat better and control his saliva more.  You can pick these up in your local supermarket where they will also have cheaper ‘disposable’ options.

Practical & useful gift ideas for disabled children.

Four – Wireless Headphones

If a child loves listening to music, or watching YouTube videos then these are a perfect present.  Headphones will allow them to enjoy their music or videos wherever they are without disturbing other people around them.  The wireless version means they are less likely to be broken and won’t get tangled.

Five – Back Fastening Jacket

I’ve written about these before and explained how easy these jackets are to get onto a child in a wheelchair. Willow Bug are launching this cool camo print which is really trendy at the moment and would be suitable for girls and boys.  If you haven’t shopped with Willow Bug before you can use code MOAM at the checkout to save 10% on your first purchase.

Looking for sensory gifts without the special needs price tag? Read this!

Six – Large Foam Dice

If you’re playing games at a birthday party it can be difficult to include everyone.  But with these giant foam dice even William could get involved simply by pushing them off his tray or lap to roll the dice for someone!

Seven – Amazon Echo Dot

This is another item I have written about before and if you have a child who is verbal or uses an electronic communication device then the Amazon Echo Dot might be one of the most useful presents they would ever relieve.  It can be used to play music, switch on lights and even change the channel on the TV when used with other gadgets.  Find out about all the ways this gadget could be used in my recent article

Eight – Fleece Poncho

Sometimes I find it is just too much hassle to put a jacket on William if we are just popping out for a short while.  That’s why these fleece ponchos are a great idea.  They simply slip over the head to give a bit of warmth on a chilly day.  They are longer at the front to keep legs warm and shorter at the back so there is no extra material to tuck away. And as the material does not fray, slits can be made to accommodate harness straps.  Don’t forget the discount code for Willow Bug is MOAM.  These also make great dressing gowns!

Nine – Foot warming & massaging slipper

Wheelchair users often suffer from cold feet because they aren’t moving about.  Williams are always chilly so when someone suggested this to me I headed straight to Amazon!  There are so many different designs on the market, I picked this one because it also has a vibrating massage cushion which I know many children would love although since originally publishing this post I’ve found a more child friendly looking one on Amazon, like this one.

If you have any other suggestions for practical gifts, leave them in a comment as you might inspire a reader who has been stuck for ideas!

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