Making A Splash

Making A Splash

This week FireFlylaunched a brand new product which I thought looked brilliant and I'm super keen to try one out with William.

The product is a special needs bath seat called the 'Splashy' seat.  It is somewhat different to other products on the market, and very different to those products that I've seen recommended, and provided, by social services OT's in the past.

The first thing that really stood out to me with this seat was the fact it doesn't look at all clinical. This is a far more child friendly, colourful support than the ugly standard issue grey or (if you're really lucky) blue bath supports we are used to seeing.  And if you are like me and have done everything in your power to stop your house looking clinical then you'll appreciate why I thought their colourful design was so good!

It comes in 3 vibrant colours and you can mix and match the harness colours which I think its brilliant!

But it also seems somewhat different in how it is made… there's none of the cold hard plastic seat or the scratchy netting we are used to seeing.  Instead these seats have a soft foam shell which they say stays soft whether its wet or dry – I hate it when the foam goes all hard and scratchy when its dry and I don't even have any sensory issues!!

I love the fact that it looks like it is portable and light weight so that, unlike the standard issue seats, there is no heavy lifting involved to use it!

But look at this picture…it folds totally flat and look you can even hang it on the bathroom door when you're not using it – thats a BIG bonus for anyone with a small bathroom

The seat seems to adapt to your child’s postural support needs and has the option of a 5-point harness (just like their GoTo Seat), or a 3-point pelvic support.  There are even four detachable bumpers to add extra support wherever it’s needed, William would probably need these as a head rest and a pommel, but the fact you can choose where they go is brilliant!

William loves having a bath but he can't support himself at all so he usually ends up laying down in the bath with just a few inches of water which is ok but it'd be brilliant if he could sit up so we could do some sensory play in the bath, at the moment the only place we can do that is in the hot tub so we can't play with bubbles or anything like that!  But this seat gives the option to sit upright and easily transfers to a laying position so that he could lay in a deeper bath which I know he would love to do!

And in the summer time it would be ideal for some fun water play in the garden, or even the paddling pool!

Has anyone else ordered one yet? Would love to hear your feedback!!


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