Feel free to use these documents to help your campaign. Share them on social media, attach them to emails about your campaign or print them off and send snail mail! You are welcome to adapt them to your own campaign.

Hoist Assisted Toilet Info Pack

This PDF guide will give you lots of information to present to retailers. It includes evidence of why they would actually benefit as a business from providing better facilities for customers.


Official Complaint Letter

Use this template to send your own official complaint to a location you have previously asked to make reasonable adjustments for you because of a disability.  This letter template is based on the template from the Equality Advisory Support Service.


 Feedback Cards

Print a few of these out and keep them in your changing bag so you can leave them with your tip (or lack of) next time you are in a restaurant that doesn’t have suitable toilet facilities, or a shopping mall, or a cinema etc etc

It’s not difficult…

Download this hard-hitting quote from Sarah Brisidion of Hadley’s Heroes and attach it to any letters you are sending.  Or save it as a picture and add to social media etc.  You can also share it directly on Facebook via this link