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I love holidays… and I’m not willing to give them up because my son is disabled.  In fact having a child has made me want to go on holiday even more.  When I was a kid we went away every summer and I want William to have the same opportunities and experiences as I did.

That’s why I want EVERY airport to have an Eagle passenger lifter as well as a Changing Places toilet. If you are unable to walk and wish to fly you usually have 2 options to board a plane.

  1. Use a narrow aisle wheelchair.  This is a good option for those with core body strength and the ability to sit without any strapping/ head support.  This isn’t an option for my son.

  2. Being manually lifted by carers or airport staff.  This is unsafe for both the passenger and those lifting as the aisles on a plane are narrow and require those lifting to twist and turn and the potential for harm is increased significantly.  It is also very undignified for the passenger, imagine having your shirt lifted to expose flesh in front of complete strangers, that happens regularly with manual lifting.

The Eagle passenger lift allows those needing option 2 to be hoisted safely from their chair and then wheeled through the aircraft before being hoisted down into their allocated seat.

In 2015, I started a campaign to Gatwick airport as I felt very strongly that they should have an Eagle passenger lift for their disabled passengers.  Since its delivery, Gatwick Airport has used the Eagle Hoist most days for passengers with reduced mobility and the feedback received from passengers has led them to invest in more.

In 2017 Gatwick airport became the first airport in the world to have the brand new Eagle 4A lift for passengers.

This video shows how an eagle lifter works.

We’ve used this equipment in Gatwick and Orlando so far and it made our trip so much easier. It would be great if every international airport in the world offered this method of lifting for passengers who need it.

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If you would like to know which airports currently offer the Eagle lifter please click here.