5 Things I Learnt From Being On Loose Women

5 Things I Learnt From Being On Loose Women

I am sure you have seen my Instagram stories, read my Facebook posts and seen my numerous tweets over the past few days, but just incase you missed it… I was on Loose Women this week with my son, William, friend Zoe and her son, Wilson!

We were invited on to talk about the incredible school that William attends because of the fundraising initiative I set up last year with Zoe!  The amazing Linda Lusardi organised it after she was sent one of our tops earlier this year, and then visited the school last week.

Linda Lusardi looks stunning in her DRM Project SuperMum t-shirt

Linda Lusardi looks stunning in her DRM Project SuperMum t-shirt

What was the most nerve wracking, terrifying experience of my life was also possibly one of the best!  And the response that we have received in the past 48 hours is quite over whelming!  I wanted to share the whole experience with you but there was just too much to tell you and if you follow my Insta-stories you might have heard a lot already! So, instead, here are five things I learnt from being on Loose Women:


You can shop all day for an outfit to wear on TV but you will probably end up wearing something you already had!

When we heard we weren’t allowed to wear slogan t shirts on the show we were so stressed out.  I mean what the hell do you wear on something like Loose Women when you spend your whole life in jeans and a t-shirt and are going to be sitting next to Linda Lusardi!

The reason we had wanted to do the show was to promote The DRM Project and of course the ideal outfit would have included one of our tops but when that wasn’t an option we spent the whole day shopping at Bluewater!  We did both treat ourselves to a new top for the occasion but neither of us wore them!

People told us we should wear something we felt comfortable in, so that’s what we did.  And although we might not have looked as glamorous as the Loose Women panel, I think we looked ok?  We did of course put our DRM Project t-shirts on as soon as the camera’s were off though so we could take some photos!

laura moore the drm project zoe blomfield supermum yay the drm project charity t shirts


The ITV make-up artists can literally work miracles.

I was whisked into the make-up room shortly after we arrived at the studios and once the shock of being in a room I’ve seen on TV many times had sunk in, it hit me that numerous famous people had sat in the very chair I was sitting in!  So it took a while before I noticed I was not alone!

Next to me was Andrea McLean and on the other side of the room sat Lisa Riley with a head full of curlers.  I thought being in that situation would be incredibly intimidating but they were so lovely, it was like having a chat with some old friends.  They asked about William and then talked about Strictly and Anton Du Beke, but of course, what happens in the make-up room, stays in the make up room!

The lady who did my make up (whose name I cannot remember for the life of me) was amazing.  I wish she could move in and do it every day!  I’ve never looked so good in my life!  It was so good I was seriously considering sleeping in it in the hope I’d still look good today!  Sadly today I am back to the usual smudged mascara and black eye bags look that I am used to!

Lisa Riley, Linda Lusardi, Coleen Nolan, Loose Women, Mum on a mission, William Moore


The Loose Women studio is tiny!  I swear on TV that desk looks huge and the audience looks like rows and rows of people.  That’s the magic of TV!  The desk is tiny, there are about 20 seats in the audience and the red carpet the guests walk down is simply a painted floor!  Sorry to spoil it!

But despite the size of it, or maybe because of that, it is a very nerve wracking and scary place to be.  Knowing you are about to be filmed and shown on live daytime TV with all your friends and family watching is enough to make anyone’s mouth go dry.

William was very impressed with the green room [which isn’t green by the way!]


Being interviewed by four famous women is terrifying.  There’s no way around it, no matter how comfortable you feel with them, no matter how nice they are to you, as soon as there is a camera in front of you the nerves kick in and you have no idea what you are saying!  Did I really say we never get dressed?  Yes I did!  What was I even on about!

The interview lasted about 5 minutes I think, but it felt as though it lasted for hours.  We were only asked to do this on Friday evening and having been at V Festival this weekend, we didn’t exactly prepare for it!  (Rooky mistake) But despite that, I think we (kind of) got the message across?

The interview was filmed in one take as though it was live and although we were told there would be no edit, quite a lot was cut out.

The whole reason we went on was to tell people how incredible Chailey Heritage Foundation was and to hopefully raise their profile so we could raise more money for them.  I think we did that?

What is it really like to have a child with complex needs?


It is possible to have over 100 Facebook notifications on your app.  Who even knew that was possible!  As soon as our interview started to air both our phones were going crazy, it was insane.  I don’t think I’ve managed to read them all even now because there were so many!

But the reaction was so lovely.  And the best ones were from people who follow our Instagram pages who were so excited they’d spotted someone they “know” on TV!  These comments made my whole day, mainly because I have written similar ones myself to be on the receiving end of one was just brilliant!

But even more exciting that these kind of comments was the insane number of orders we started to get.  We have been a bit crap at promoting The DRM Project recently, you know what life is like in the summer holidays!  So to suddenly get an influx of new followers and orders was so uplifting and made the whole experience so worth it.

If you are one of those people who has ordered something then THANK YOU SO MUCH!  It really does mean a lot. We donate every single penny of the profit to Chailey Heritage so you know it is going to a good great cause.

We’ve got a special offer running at the moment, and we have even managed to add some new options to the website today!

Take 10% off your order using code LOOSEWOMEN10 – we will still donate the full profit to the charity, but if you would rather not use it then it means we can donate even more!

If you haven’t watched the show yet then you can watch it here

We’d love you to continue to help us spread the word about The DRM Project and the reason we are donating all the profits to Chailey Heritage.  You can do this really easily by sharing this post, tagging us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or mentioning us in your Instagram stories – simply use @thedrmproject on all platforms.

We are more than happy to return the favour if you need a share or mention on social media!

Andrea McLean was as gorgeous in real life as she is on screen, and her engagement ring was beautiful.


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