5 Reasons You & Your Child Need A Vitamin D Supplement

5 Reasons You & Your Child Need A Vitamin D Supplement

I’ve just come back from a holiday in the sun and I feel surprisingly refreshed (a miracle considering the amount of alcohol I consumed) but I wonder if part of that is because I had a boost in vitamin D whilst sunning myself?

William has regular blood tests which have shown lack of Vitamin D in the past, something that is pretty common for disabled children. We do try to get him in natural daylight as often as we can but it’s difficult and he has relied on supplements for some time now.

Experts say it is almost impossible to get all the vitamin D you need from natural sources, such as sunlight and diet, if you live in the UK.  So it makes sense that I would need to take a supplement as well.

Here are 5 reasons I will be starting one today.


Lack of vitamin D is associated with sleep problems, particularly daytime sleepiness.  Well I am ALWAYS tired!  It’s a standing joke in my house that I could literally, sleep anytime, anywhere!  But having just come home from the sun, I am no where near as tired as I was.  That could simply be because I have had a holiday (although coming home at 5am after a night on the lash I feel that’s unlikely) but equally it might be related to a boost in vitamin D?


Guidelines say that everyone over 1 year old should get 10mcg of vitamin D a day.  We should all consider taking a supplement particularly in winter months, but anyone who is largely housebound, pregnant or breastfeeding should take 10mcg supplement all year round.

I don’t consider myself housebound (yet) and I am certainly not pregnant even if I might sometimes look it – that bulge is honestly just cake and chocolate!  But I definitely don’t spend enough time outside to absorb enough vitamin D, and in the winter I am always wrapped up so much because I am one of those people who is ALWAYS freezing!

advice for flying with a disabled child


Your diet can provide get small amounts of vitamin D but in order to get enough you would need to eat one of the following options every single day:
– 1 portion of oily fish (the NHS recommends only 2 portions per week)
– 6 boiled eggs
– 10+ tins of tuna
– 10 rump steaks
– 10+ lambs liver
– 13+ lumps of reduced fat spread

a) I am NOT eating 13+ lumps of reduced fat spread because just the thought of that is vomit inducing and
b) Imagine the expense of 10 rump steaks each for dinner – plus I have a beef intolerance!


Sunscreen blocks a lot of vitamin D production.  I am pretty good at using sunscreen, my favourite daily moisturiser is SPF20 and William never goes in the sun without a liberal coating of factor 100!  But it never occurred to me that by protecting our skin I was reducing our vitamin D intake.  And I am not willing to compromise on skin protection.


Research says that vitamin D deficiency weakens the immune system leading to other diseases such as respiratory infections.  William, and children with disabilities like his, already have compromised immune systems so I want to make sure I am doing as much as I can to decrease his risk of respiratory infections this winter because frankly, being in hospital sucks!

But it’s equally important that I don’t get sick because as his main carer that would be a nightmare for our family.  It would mean Kev would have to take time off work to help look after William and if that were to happen we would struggle to pay our bills!

There are a ton of vitamin D supplements on the market, if you are considering taking one then discuss it with your pharmacist or GP to choose a pharmaceutical grade supplement.

Dr Sarah Jarvis(off the tele) is working with Fultium Daily 3, which is a high-quality vitamin D oil available in drops, which is perfect for William as he cannot take tablets, so we are going to give that a go.

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